Thanks to our years of experience as professional hunters, we offer our hunters the guaranty to have the best management and personalized service to enjoy a great experience in hunting.

We provide to our customers all detailed information and personalized advice, and we recommend the best hunting destinations in Spain and the major destinations of international hunting. We wish you to have a genuine hunting experience, with a professional team dedicated to you.

Our customers are grateful and satisfied when they return home with the best trophies and the memory of a great experience and a team keen to their service. In fact, we are focused in offer you the best sensations hunting in Spain.

Hunting in Spain, we are specialists in stalking

Most of our customers prefer hunt the different Ibex: Gredos ibex, Beceite ibex, S. Nevada and Ronda ibex. All of them make the Grand Slam.

If it is your first time hunting in Spain other recommendations could be barbary sheep, chamois, red deer…

For a group of friends, Spanish monteria

Every year we organize hunts for groups, like the typical Spanish monteria. If you prefer small game, you can enjoy partrige “ojeo” or hunting partridge with dogs, it is a very beautiful alternative. Wild boar are also possible in monteria.

Waiting for you for your next hunt! Always in the best destinations.