kyrgyzstan landscape


You may get to Bishkek with Turkish Air-lines via Istanbul, Turkey. Another option is to travel with Aeroflot via Moscow, Rus-sia. You will be met by our crew at the airport before the customs and assisted with all the formalities. Right from the airport you go by car to the camp. During the trip you will stop for breakfast and lunch at the restaurants on the side of the road. Drive to camp takes around 15-17 hours.

Camps & Accommodation

Camps in Kyrgyzstan are located at 10,000 feet (3,000 m). They are wooden structures, trailer lodges and sometimes traditional Asian yurts. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping and have electrical generation. You will find a good food and a quality service. Our cook pre-pares local, European, and Korean meals. Every camp is equipped with a satellite-phone or radio station, and there is every-thing for first medical aid.


Season is from September to February. In the morning you load onto your horse. In Kyrgyzstan you may have horses and jeep. During the day you may travel the upper edges of the mountains, glassing the hillsides and feeding areas. Sheep will normally be sighted each day. For lunch in the field we offer you hot drinks, sand-wiches, salami, dry fruit and nuts. Once the trophy ram is located, you complete your stalk on foot. You will hunt at around 13,000 feet (4,000 m). Physical condition is a factor on the stalking por-tion of the hunt. A long range shooting, up to 500 yards (450 m) is normal for sheep hunting. Spike camp and horse back riding is a part of your hunt.


During daylight hours in October the tem-perature is from 45 to 570F (5 to 150C) and at night 14 to 230F (-5 to -100C). In November the temperature is from 5 to 140F (-10 to -150C) and during nighttime from – 4 to 50F (-15 to -200C). Windy conditions.