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Big Game Season in Northern British Columbia and the Yukon runs from August 1st through October 31st. Each hunt is between five to 14-days long. This does not include traveling days. Hunting in early August are mainly Stone Sheep and Dall Sheep, however, the hunter can also collect Wolf if the chance should arise. Elk and Moose season opens August 15th and Caribou September 1st.


In our Yukon and Northern British Columbia properties, the majority of our hunting is done on horseback with some hunting being conducted by boat and backpacking. We have a string of reliable horses, well adapted to the mountainous terrain. A guide skilled at stalking game, handling horses and caring for trophies, accompanies each hunter. All hunts are one on one.

In most cases, hunters and their guides operate from spike camps, cabin and/or tents away from base camp. This is accomplished easily with sturdy horses equipped with the best of saddles and pack gear; allowing the hunter to cover more ground and increasing his chances of collecting a trophy animal.

Yukon properties the hunts are conducted from both cabins or tents . Our guides serve hearty meals and satellite telephones at our spike camps keep us in contact with Whitehorse at all times.


Hunting areas are perfect for bear habitat. The lush woods, farm crops and big game animals gives plenty for the bears to eat, grow fast and end up bigger than a wilderness bear. The huge river valley funnels traveling male bears right to our bait sites. There is a quite good population of black bears. Season for bear is from May 1st to June 15th.

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Canada, a unique location for your hunting adventure!