kamchatka-mapKamchatka is nowadays a virgin ground for wilderness. Where everyday the hunt become an adventure for the hunter. Is one of the widest regions with very few human population. This is why big populations of bears, wolves, mooses and snow sheeps rule over these grounds. It is a unforgettable experience for hunters who love the adventure.

Kamchatka Bear and Moose hunt is one of our favorite hunts, which is not only successful, but also brings you back to the Old Russian hunting traditions. Kamchatka remoteness from the rest of the world, it’s climatic conditions and thinly populated areas, less than 1 person per 1 km2, made it a home for bear, which is among the world’s biggest brown bears. The average weight of Kamchatka Bear is between 600 and 1200 pounds (300 and 600 kg), and the hide is 8 – 10 ft (270 – 310 сm) in size. So, these bears are bigger than those in Chukotka, Magadan or Khabarovsk region.moose-kamchatkaTo take a big and fresh hide, one has to hunt in spring, because in spring the quality of hides is better. We recommend early May as the best dates for bear hunting.

Since terrain is covered with snow during spring hunt, hunters use skis or skidoos. On the seacoast motor boats are also used (during the 3rd spring term). Upon termination of the hunt one can swim in natural hot springs, contemplate famous Kamchatka volcanoes, visit the valley of geysers, try Russian traditional food including red caviar, Kamchatka crabs and smoked salmon.skins