Tajikistan – Marco Polo

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tajikistan mapTajikistan is a small republic in Central Asia, bordering Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Afghanistan. The 740 mile (1200 km) border with Afghanistan is demarked by the river Panj and the Amu Daryo, better known as the Oxus. Most of Tajikistan’s land area is mountainous, ranging from the Fann Mountains in the west to the rocky heights of the Pamirs in the eastern region of Badakhshan. This mountainous country offers great hunting for the magnificent Marco Polo Argali which have the longest horns of all sheep and beautiful Mid-Asian Ibex.

This region is often described as a “Polar Desert”. It is high and dry, and can be cold and windy. Bring a good wind breaker and layered underclothing with you. Temperatures: October 60 F (+15 C) daytime, falls down to 30-41 F (0 to -5 C) at night. November 30-50 F (0 to +10 C) daytime, and during nighttime 5-14 F (-10 to -15 C). December -4 F (-20 C) daytime, -31 F (-35 C) at night.

The longest sheep horn ever recorded (75 inches, or 190.5 cm); the largest circumference for this race is 17 inches (43 cm), with 14 to 15-1/2 inches (36-39 cm) is usual.

Average trophy size is 55 to 56 inches with several 60-62 inches rams taken every season.
operates from the best areas “Karakul” and “Hot Springs” with the best camps and the finest, most experienced guides. Our Marco Polo hunts are two guides for each hunter. Our guests can expect 100 % success. on Marco Polo hunt. Mid-Asian Ibex and Wolf can be hunted as additional species on this hunt.


You will be met in Bishkek by our VIP service and our crew and assisted through customs, and then board a 45-minute flight to Osh. Osh is a city number two in Kyrgyzstan. It is situated 600 km to the south of Bishkek. Our guests are driven by 4×4 van to the hunting area in Tajikistan and accompanied by VIP manager at all times. This route from Osh is rather tiresome but you will gradually adapt to the high altitude throughout your travel.

Camp & Accommodation

In Tajikistan camps are located at 12,000 to 13,500 feet / 4,000-4,200 m). We take our clients to famous Karakul and Hot Springs camps. Houses are stone buildings. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping, and have electrical generation. You will find good food and high quality service. Every camp is equipped with a satellite-phone or radio station, and has everything for first medical aid.


Season is from September to May. It’s recommended 12 days trip with 7 days hunting. Guide 1×1. You will need a visa to visit Tajikistan. You can apply for your visa at the nearest Embassy or obtain your visa on arrival at Dushanbe airport. After the hunt is completed, the trophies are left in Tajikistan and then sent to the hunter.