We incorporate this new destination into our catalog of international hunts and we recommend it to any hunter who likes to enjoy authentic and adventure hunting.

Australia is a unique destination where you can make amazing buffalo safaris in the most remote territories of the north of the continent, where buffalo are abundant and of exceptional quality in the areas where we hunt. We hunt in the best areas with the best professionals, with accommodated camps, being able to guarantee unbeatable results. Sometimes you can give the chance to spot a wild bull and the possibility of hunting.

The arrival is usually made in the city of Darwin, through the city of Pert. Then we travel from Darwin on a 2-hour charter flight to the hunting territories in virgin areas, where even the hunt reminds us of the safaris of yesteryear. We will hunt in the Northern Territory area.

In our hunting territories we guarantee 100% success in obtaining great trophies. It is an unforgettable adventure that any hunter will remember for a lifetime.

Hunting on this continent is a unique experience that no adventurous hunter lends itself should let go.