Spanish monteria

landscape monteria

Annually organize several monteria hunting for groups from 10 to 15 hunters in the best farms in Spain, guaranteeing excellent results to satisfy our most demanding customers.
We organize monteria to hunt several species such as deer, mouflon, fallow deer and wild boars.

We always have a specialized team of secretaries, also “realeros” with packs of dogs, ATVs (4×4), and we pay attention to details to the fullest experience. We place value on the traditions of Spanish hunting, for hunters who want have the experiences of hunting in its purest and traditional form.


Montería season is from mid-October to mid-February. In order to properly prepare the reservations usually our customers take reservations several months in advance.

Normally we serve groups of foreign hunters and take care of organizing your entire stay from the received at the airport and take care of all the management of hunting licenses, CITES, transport, accommodation, catering, transportation, interpreters … To our customers are engaged only enjoy this exciting form of hunting.

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