Ronda Ibex



Ronda Ibex is the smallest ibex specie in Spain. Also they have the smallest horns.  Adult males and females live in separate herds too. The rut is is only time when males mixed with the female group and it is at this rutting time (last autumn) when we can see spectacular fights between adult males vying for females.

Ibex skin is mainly light brown. Typical males’ horns are wrinkled surface, lightly twisted. Hunters can find some differences between males even in the same herd. The horns add one ring per year.


Ronda Ibex is founded in Malaga, Ronda, Tejeda and Almijara zones. Mainly they are located in Middle and East Malaga province.



The hunting method is arranged by stalking in National Reserves and in private game reserves. Hunting season is from October to May. Lodging is provided in first class mountain lodges very close to the hunting area.

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