roebuck hungary
In Hungary we have cotos northwest of Budapest located near the capital, where regions are characterized by smallholdings of agricultural crops, the plots are often dotted with small patches of forest. The hunting parties usually last three days, where you can get to abate between 5 and 10 good roe deer.

The Hungarian roe deer population is the best quality in the world. The best roebucks in the country both in quantity and quality are in the reserves of the great prairies.

The average weight of the trophy is usually between 350 and 450 grams, but it is also common find ones above 500-550 grams.trofeos de corzos

In three days of hunting there is possibility of shooting up to 8-10 roe deer or more. Most of the time the shots are usually carried out from 150 to 250 meters away. Roe deer are hunted from the beginning of the hunting season in mid-April to mid-May and throughout the month of August, covering the period of rut.

From November to February, we can offer to our hunters beatens and stalking boar, with excellent populations of animals. Where we can guarantee great results to groups of hunters who visit us. Usually we organize raids between 2 and 4 days straight game, making 3 to 5 shakes a day and getting results from 40 to 100 copies of feral pigs.

There are also excellent possibilities for both hunting deer as mouflon. We hunt where it was killed the world record deer with a score of 237.63 points. Counting in this area with an excellent population of animals.


We usually offer our hunters 1st category lodges.



We recommend from mid-April to mid-May
And during the rut: from July 20th to August 15th