Partridge hunting

partridge shooting

Hunting in hand

Is organized for groups of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 hunters. The group of hunters are accompanied by guards that tell them where the hunting area is located and helps them carry hunting, cartridges, etc.
Also we offer hunting dogs for the hunting of partridge. We have over 20 dogs trained to accompany hunters.


“Ojeo” Hunting

Normally ojeo group is formed about 10 hunters, but a group of 6-12 hunters is also possible. Ojeo day begins with a breakfast at the lodge, or in the property when they arrive in the morning are housed. Positions are drawn and Go hunting! From hosting to hunting area is 10 minutes away by car. Never repeat an ojeo area in the same hunting.

Normally we do two ojeos and then depending on the weather takes a break to have a broth and refreshments. We make the third ojeo and eat in the house of the farm that is all-comfort prepared. After lunch we make two other ojeos. This is a typical day, but there are also groups who prefer to do three ojeos, grab a taco and eat afterwards.

Location and season

From October to mid-february. Usually location are the mountains in Albacete, Ciudad Real and Toledo. Regions in Castilla La Mancha province.