leopard hunting

The adventure of hunting in Africa does not cease to amaze and excite any hunter who lives this experience. Africa is a destination that will not leave indifferent to any hunter who visits it.

Hunting in Namibia is hunting in one of the best paradises in Africa. Namibia is one of the most politically and culturally stable countries where the hunter can travel peacefully without the need for vaccines or another preamble other than enjoying his safari. In Namibia we have the best campsites. We hunt in national parks and private reserves where we can hunt a varied fauna of antelopes. It is the star country where you can hunt the magnificent leopard and cheetah. We can hunt a diverse variety of antelopes such as eland, orix, kudus, zebras, impalas among others.

Our spectacular camp is located in the heart of the country, in one of the most magnificent hunting areas, offering our hunters the guarantee of hunting in territories with great diversity, density and best quality of animals of the world, always taking care of detail Everything related to the organization and development of the safaris, so that the hunter is just waiting to enjoy his hunting. Located near Windhoek, but also insulated enough to feel a real sense of nature. Our safari and accommodation guarantee the unforgettable memories of a great hunt.

We believe that enjoying the safari itself is as important as the quality of the trophies achieved. That attitude, together with the wildlife and nature of Africa, allows us to offer you a unique experience.

Early in the morning you will start your adventure, you will enjoy the chase and then, in the evening, you can relax around the fire telling stories about the hunting encounters experienced. Africa is the best place in the world for hunting and our safari will leave you impressed. At night our accommodation is at your disposal so you can rest and prepare for another great day of safari in an incomparable setting.

The season to organize a safari usually goes from mid-March to the end of October, we recommend the months of June, July and August as the best option to travel to take the safari.

Live your safari in Africa, an unforgettable experience