South Africa

The adventure of hunting in Africa does not cease to amaze and excite any hunter who lives this experience. Africa is a destination that will not leave indifferent to any hunter who visits it.

In South Africa we have the best camps and areas where we organize your safari. We have the best concessions, we hunt in national parks and private reserves where we can hunt a varied fauna, with the possibility of hunting many of the antelope species that inhabit the South African savannah (kudus, eland, sables, orix, zebras, impalas, Knives …), as well as hunting the spectacular five “big five”: lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhinoceros.

We have the best campsites in the Kalahari area to the north, border with Botswana for the lion hunt and the lioness to the footprint. With a guarantee of success in hunting a large lion or lioness in the best areas of South Africa.

South Africa is one of the countries most suitable for hunters who want to make their first experiences in the adventure of safaris. The game reserves and properties where we organize the safaris have exceptional accommodations and amenities so that both the stay and the hunt is of the greatest satisfaction for the hunters. You arrive at a camping equipped with everything necessary that a hunter longs for his rest after a good day of hunting, where after a good dinner, to be able to share his experiences of hunting with the friends around a good fire sharing their experiences and Experiences of a great day of safari, even being able to share it with the family if you traveled with the hunter and to live a beautiful adventure in the mythical African savannah. If you are traveling as a family, we organize a combination of hunting and tourism safari, so that the whole family can enjoy the experience.

South Africa due to its great variety of animals is one of the most attractive hunting destinations, since the hunter will have the option of being able to enjoy many hunting sets, being able to obtain a wide variety of trophies of different species of antelopes that inhabit In the mountains and savannahs of South Africa.

The season to organize a safari usually goes from mid-March to the end of October, we recommend the months of June, July and August as the best option to travel to take the safari.

Live your safari in Africa, an unforgettable experience