bears in Romania


ursusRomania one of the best destinations in Europe to hunt and have a great experience hunting in the mountains like Carpathians. We offer the possibility of hunting in the best areas of the country, visited by us for years. Here we offer our hunters an unforgettable experience where we find the largest number of brown bears in Europe, which we can hunt on hold or whipped, getting one of the most valued hunting trophies that exist in Europe, this country offers as a destination with the best hunting in the world with a chamois populations and quality of magnificent trophies, you can also hunt large deer, wild boars great on clay or waiting, wolves, roe deer…


Brown bear hunting

Dates: 15.09 – 31.12 and 15.03 – 14.05

  • Hunting zones are in the mountain regions with mountains between 800 and +1400m.
  • Waiting modality: The hunts are organized in hide spots inside warm cabins.
  • Beating modality needs a minimum of 3 hunters.
  • The optimum season is between October 1st to November 30th and March 15th to April 30th.
  • Is highly recommended to book the hunt many months before the hunting date.

Chamois huntingrebeco-chamois

Dates: 15.10 – 15.12

  • Hunting is done walking in rocky mountains mainly, about 1500-2500m.
  • Romania has the best chamois world records in size.
  • Average trophy is around 100 CIC points.
  • You can get high quality and medal trophies in almost zones.
  • Hunt is realized walking every time.
  • Hunters will guided with an expert who knows the area.
  • Best dates are from mid-October to mid-November, when is the rut for chamois.

Wild boars huntingwild-boar

Dates: 01.09 – 31.01

  • For groups more than 6 hunters we organize beatings.
  • For individuals hunters, modalities are walking or waiting.
  • Transportation is in 4×4 ATV, horse cars, or walking.
  • Big males are around 15% of the total amounts in our hunting zones.
  • It is recommended a minimum of 3 days beatings, and we make 3 beats every day.

Roe deer hunting

Dates: 01.05 – 15.10 (better in May)

  • In Romania, grounds where we hunt roebucks are very easy to walk, in plain meadows.
  • Population is very high with high density and excellent trophies.
  • 3 days are recommended for hunting, where you can hunt between 10 and 15 roe deers.
  • Optimum dates are at the beginning of the season or during the rut (July-August).
  • Trophy weight used to be between 350 and 500g.

Red deer hunting

Dates: 15.09 – 15.11

  • Hunt is walking or waiting.
  • Hunts are in the forest and mountain regions, between 800 and 1200m.
  • Place is approachable going in 4×4 ATV
  • Optimum date is mid-September to mid-October.
  • Crane weight goes from 9 to 13 Kg.