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Argentina is a large country with different climates and geographies. It offers many options for hunting and fishing, and it is a recognized destination around the world. Its geography is from plains of Buenos Aires to famous Patagonia mountains. Argentina offers a great variety of native and exotic fauna. This country can combine big game with some nice wing shooting, where you can shoot hundreds of shoots.

We provide excellent lodgings during your hunting trip as well as meals, top brand name drinks, typical Argentinian barbequed meats and world-famous wines. Our hunts are organised according to the customers’ requirements and we also offer combinations of big and small game hunting.

Argentina is a wonderful destination, a natural paradise that captivates the visitor with its fauna and its vegetation. The endless plains and the abundance of species such as duck and pigeon impart an almost indescribable sensation to the hunter, who may make over 1000 shots per day. It is also worth highlighting the efficiency of partridge hunts using well-trained dogs.

argentina big game

Hunters who partake in a hunting experience in Argentina almost always return as it is a destination that is noted for the abundance and quality of its game.

Big game species are: Red Stag, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Black Buck, Wild Boar, Wild Feral Boar, Water Buffalo, Wild Goat, Multi Horn Ram, Scottish Black Face Ram, Silver Ram, Wild Ram, Patagonia Ram, Pampas Ram, Doorset Ram, Capybara, Grey Brockett Deer, Peccary. Small game species you can found are Ducks, Partridges, Doves and Hares.

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