mongolia landscape


Despite Mongolia is little visited yet has much to offer due to is an exceptional country for hunting. It is an amazing place for people who enjoy the outdoors and adventure although country’s enduring appeal has always been the variety of wild sheep and goat species for the avid hunter. Truly huge rams in their natural habitat gives their pursuers a case of shakes. The sight of an argali as magnificent as these never fails to be heart-stopping even for seasoned sheep hunters. So discover the land of Cingihis Khan and some of the finest hunting on earth today.hunt in mongolia


Mongolia provides the core habitat for the argali, having the highest body weight and largest horns of any wild sheep. Both the Altai and Gobi Desert species are found in Mongolia, and SCI and other conservation organizations recognize the Mid-Altai argali, or “Hangai” as a separate record book entry.


Two separate species of the majestic ibex are common in Mongolia: Altai Ibex and Gobi Ibex.

Gobi Ibex is the closest relative to Altai Ibex, but smaller due to scarce vegetation and limited water source in its dry habitat. General color is light brown but dark markings including a dorsal stripe are not uncommon. Gobi Ibex has brown coat and light patch under its belly and between legs. The horns are usually shorter and slimmer than those of the Altay ibex, but the cross ridges are often larger and closer together.

Altai Ibex is the largest of two different ibexes in Mongolia. This ibex has red brown coat with light patch and the coat color of older males get darker. The horns of males grow into massive arcs which curl over the back and may even loop back on themselves. Horns are relatively flat on the front surface and have well-defined cross ridges or knobs. Principally a diurnal animal, he has alternating periods of resting and activity throughout the day. Altai Ibex lives at high elevation, and can climb up to the vegetation line, as a rule they seek out lower slopes during the winter.

Our careful hunt management and exceptional hunting areas have insured extremely high levels of success on both species over many years. Our ibex hunts, available in many options including the complete package with international airfare and the possibility of sightseeing in China or Korea and represent some of the best hunting values to be found anywhere in the world today. The hunting season is between July 14th – October 15th.


This country has a relatively cool climate with short, mild summers and long severe   winters which last from October to April. Temperature range 30-70ºF/-1-20ºC in the spring and fall, and 50-90ºF/10-30ºC in the summer. During the hunting season we have very pleasant weather: 60-95ºF/15-35ºC at day and 40-70ºF/5-20ºC at night. Nights are always cool due to the high elevation. Days should be sunny with little chance of rain, because Mongolia is located far from any oceans. Mongolia is known as country of 255 sunny days per year and that is why it is called the Land of Blue Sky. Snow can cover the tops in the last decade of September.