We offer a safari in one of the best african destinations where you can hunt the great elephant, gorgeous lions, leopards, sables, buffalo, crocodiles and a great diversity of the best animals in the best wilderness. June, July and August are the best recommended months for elephant+leopard hunt. Some elephants over 55 pounds have been hunted in these months in our hunting areas. The lodge is comfortable and made with bungalows with bathroom, used to be humbler than other destinations, but also comfortable for the hunter. We propose you to hunt in June an July. August and September is also a good time.

With the exclusive opportunity to hunt the world’s largest land mammal in an area where the wilderness is truly still wild, Zimbabwe elephant hunting is a once in a lifetime experience that may prove your most memorable hunt.

While hunting has become quite a commercial endeavor elsewhere, the country of Zimbabwe still offers one of the most authentic African hunting experiences. The fenceless concession we use provides the wildlife with free roam and the hunter with a challenging adventure. It is always a fair chase – both ways!

All our Zimbabwe hunting packages are fully inclusive. Upon the completion of your safari, you will visit the natural wonder of Victoria Falls before returning to home.

The terrain varies between mopane forest, sekelbos thickets and wetlands. We hunt in National Parks and private concessions. We make packages and personalized safaris for our hunters. Contact us if you want our catalogs with detailed data about duration and pricing.

Hunt the big five is a privilege for a few