Beceite Ibex

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Beceite Ibex is an impressive type because of horns. Their horns beauty is due to their great spread and size. Adult males and females live in separate herds. The rut is only time when males mixed with the female group and it is at this rutting time (last autumn) when we can see spectacular fights between adult males vying for females.

Ibex hair in hot seasons is short and dark grey coloured, but in winter the pelage becomes longer with black spots on its back and chest. They are strong and males and females have horns, but females ones are much shorter. Beceite is larger than subspecies founded in Ronda and Sierra Nevada, both body and horns.

Typical Beceite males’ horns are big, ringed and with a wrinkle surface. The horns grow vertically and lean out in a very open way ended with a curve. The horns add one ring per year, and the biggest ones are founded from 10-14 years.


Beceite Ibex is founded in Tortosa-Beceite mountain chain. They are located in northeastern Spain in Teruel and Castellon provinces.

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The hunting method is arranged by stalking in National Reserves and in private game reserves. Hunting season is from October to May. Lodging is provided in first class mountain lodges very close to the hunting area.