Poland is one of the central European countries and hunting destinations to consider by international hunters who enjoy hunting deer in forest and plain areas. Because of its large population of roe deer, it is a destination where the hunter can get a good result in the rou deer hunting, being able to get some trophies of high quality in a hunting day. In each hunting ground it is possible for groups of hunters from three to five people at a time, making a departure in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each hunter has a hunting guide and also an interpreter for the group.

We organize our hunts in the best hunting areas in Poland, where our experience in previous years know that deer densities are good and hunters enjoy different and consecutive sets hunting. A single hunter can bring down in a hunting day about 3-6 roe deers. The trophies achieved in Poland are usually weighing between 250-400 grams, being able to get an specimen of 500 grams or more. Roe bucks prices are usually quite affordable for international hunters who wants to enjoy a hunt in Poland.


Lodging and hunting dates

Lodging used to be in mountain lodges or small hotels, depending on the area. The season gous from May 10th to September 30th.

corzo antonio Poloniapolonia map