Gredos Ibex


Gredos Ibex are strong animals, they live in high and rocky mountains. Their physical adaptations allow them to be able to run and leap rocky and rough slopes. His body is strong and robust. This ibex has the darkest colour skin and usually and has the largest size of four subspecies.

Males´ horns are big, with spiral shape and a wrinkle surface. The horns rise vertically and lean out and back in a lyre form with the top inwards. Mainly this is typical Gredos characteristics. Also, sometimes we can find Ibex with other horns conformation.

Every year grows one ring in his horn. This is the way we can know its age.


Gredos Ibex is founded in Gredos mountains, located in the center area of Spain, in Macizo Central mountain chain.



The hunting method is arranged by stalking in National Reserves and in private game reserves. Hunting season is from October to May. Lodging is provided in first class mountain lodges very close to the hunting area.

Sierra de Gredos