Ibex hunt in mid-Asia, Kyrgyzstan

Ibex hunt in mid-Asia, Kyrgyzstan

Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has become a famous destination for big game hunters seeking the famous Ibex. Empire of Siberian Ibex is the local name of the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, where the biggest species of Mid-Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana) inhabit. This subspecies can be the largest in size and grow the largest horns. Males can weigh well over 200 pounds (100 kg). Its coloration is very different from that of the Altay and Gobi ibexes. In winter coat, most adult males are a cinnamon-brown color of varying intensity. In winter most adult males have a cinnamon-brown coat color of varying intensity, becoming browner and duller on the flanks, shoulders and thighs. There usually is a dark, well-developed dorsal stripe, and also a light-colored saddle patch that can vary in size, shape and location. A very dark flank band separates the brown flanks from the whitish belly. There is a distinct brown band on the front surface of the forelegs, a lighter one on the hind legs. The head is lighter than the flanks-actually somewhat grayish-and the beard is brown. Big-size trophies reach 43’’ to 55’’ (110 to 140 cm) in length with the base measuring of 10’’ to 12’’ (25 to 29 cm).
It is an unforgettable adventure to hunt at 10,000 feet on a horseback, surrounded by a beautiful alpine panorama.
We strive to make your hunt safe and successful.


Naryn Region

Empire of Siberian Ibex – local name of the Tian-Shan Mountains in Kirgizstan –, where the biggest species of Mid-Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana) inhabit. Big-size trophies reach 43’’ to 55’’ (110 to 140 cm) in length with the base measuring 10’’ to 12’’ (25 to 29 cm).
To take such a trophy, one has to accept a challenge at elevations of 9000 to 12000 feet ( 3000 – 4000 meters). Ibex are easy to be seen early in the morning since they feed at this time of the day and travel till approximately 9 a.m. After 9 a.m., if not spooked, they tend to go to the places where they can lie up during the day. After 5 p.m. they get back. Hunter and experienced guide do glassing and spotting when Ibex stay in rocks or while traveling. If a good one is spotted, they stalk it as far as a shooting range. Hunter must be in the top of his physical shape to make this hunt successful as well as be able to shoot at a long range (250 – 300 yards).

How to get there:

The most convenient and reliable service to Bishkek is on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, Turkey. Our representative (English speaking) will meet you at any airport of your arrival and will assist you through customs. He will do everything to expedite the customs procedure. You will be taken to a restaurant for breakfast and then by car to the hunting area. The transfers last from 4 to 10 hrs depending on area.
Base Camps:
Camps are located at 8.500 feet in Kyrgyzstan. They are traditional Asian yurts and wooden structures with beds. They are warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping and have electrical generation. A field washer with hot water is available also. You will find a good food and a quality service.


In the morning you load onto your horse. During the day you may travel the upper edges of the mountains, glassing the hillsides and feeding areas. It is a spot and stalk hunt. For lunch in the field we offer you hot drinks, sandwiches, salami, dry fruit and nuts. Once the trophy is located you complete your stark on foot. Physical condition is a factor on the stalking portion of the hunt. A long range shooting, up to 400 yards is normal. Spike camp and horse ridding is a big portion of your hunt.

Hunting season:

The season is from September 1 to December 15 with the best time September 20 to November 25.


Usually, weather is favorable and more predictable in this region during the hunting period. During daylight hours in October is from 45 to 57 oF / 5-15 oC and at night 14 to 23 oF / -5-10 oC. In November the temperature is from 5- 14 oF/ -10-15 oC and during nighttime from – 4 to + 5 oF / -15 -20 oC. Windy conditions.